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Used the product to eliminate a stuffy smell in my camper. Camper has sat empty for 11 years and rarely had the door opened. Sprayed product all over inside trailer ,,let it sit overnight then vacuumed. Repeated the process and most of the smell was gone! Letting it air out for couple more days has eliminated any smell. Very happy with your product,,would recommend it to anyone

- Mtswampfox

I tried lots of different things. Lysol. Leather cleaners. Windex. Wet carpet cleaners and cleaning solution (spotbot, etc). Even mild bleach solutions. NOTHING WORKED to get the smoke smell out of the leather interior of my car. I completely detailed the interior about 6-7 times using these techniques and the smell always came back after 24-48 hours. However, Zorbx eliminated 90% of the smoke smell in a single half-hearted application. I went back and applied it more exactingly and it almost complete eliminated the odor from my car. One more pass would probably completely eliminate it. VERY PLEASED with the ability of this stuff to eliminate smoke odors from leather car interior and fabric (carpeting, head liner, etc).

Raymond J. Ackley

This product worked great to get the urine smell out of my area rug! I tried several products beforehand, and nothing would truly eliminate the odor. I had to use Zorbex a couple of times to completely remove any trace of the scent, but that was totally worth it to not have to toss out my area rug! The product does have a bit of a chemical smell when you initially spray it, but that dissipates quickly to leave no odor at all. Great product!


ZORBX is an amazing product to ELIMINATE odors, not just trying to cover up odors with a perfume product. I oversee 200 company vehicles in our Fleet department. On several occasions drivers would not adhere to the no smoking policy and would smoke inside there company vehicle. When drivers either retired or past away, there truck had to be past onto new drivers, I used ZORBX to eliminate cigarette smell from previous driver. I sprayed ZORBX on the entire interior of truck including, down the A/C vents, dash, headliner, seat & seat belts, etc. WOW next day cigarette smell is gone!

 - Roberto

We have three large dogs, one with IBS who leaves blood with her stools...she's old and our vet is in the loop. We also have large dog beds that can't be run in a washing machine. Couches covered with quilts so the dogs can use them - and they get doggy smells as well. I was skeptical but saw someone on facebook that posted this for their dogs and beds etc. What the heck - gave it a shot (literally, shooting from the nozzle) and COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. NO SMELLS. They are GONE. Dogs don't mind it. This morning the older dog had a major accident in the bathroom - tile floors. It stunk so badly. Chlorox did not take odor away. Neither did Lysol. I bot the ZorbX and sprayed the tile. Left it alone and 20 mins later - NO SMELL. This stuff is the real deal and I am absolutely delighted! It is also Women Owned. More power to them! LOVE IT!

-  Consumer

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