Bathroom Odors


Does your bathroom have unpleasant odors?

ZORBX will get your bathroom smelling fresh again!

1.) Spray directly into the air where odors are present.

2.) Pour it down your bathtub to get rid of any odors resting in the drain.

3.) Safe to pour it down your toilet to get rid of any odors.

The great thing about ZORBX® Odor Removers is the unscented quality. This allows for discreet spraying for bathroom odors to be undetected.  People don’t have to be embarrassed for having to use the bathroom, especially at a guest’s house. Perfume air fresheners tend to make bathroom odors smell worse and draw more attention to the odor it is trying to mask.

ZORBX® is NOT a masking agent, it removes odors instantly by our revolutionizing odor removing reactivating technology. 

ZORBX® is unscented and biodegradable and it will remove your unwanted bathroom odors without  all the harsh chemicals.