Food Odors


One of the fastest traveling odors is from cooking food. Sometimes it can smell like fresh baked cookies throughout the entire house and other times it can smell like salmon, vegetable oil, garlic, or curry.

Either way, you can remove these odors instantly with ZORBX® Odor Removers.

1.) Spray in the air. 

2.) Spray ZORBX onto a rag or towel and rub into affected area...counter tops, cabinets, sink, garbage disposer, dishwashers, refrigerators and more. 

 ZORBX® is unscented, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable, plus phthalate free so your food products will remain safe for consumption.

 You can cook up until the party arrives and with a few sprays the house will be back to normal.

We have all forgotten about food in the refrigerator, and rotten food can smell for days even after it has been thrown in the trash.

No need to bleach the refrigerator and deal with the aftermath of chemicals and toxic odors that can permeate into food products placed back into the refrigerator.


Why is ZORBX® so effective in removing food odors? Most products on the market today are cover-ups and air fresheners-not useful for removing food odors. They are not "true" odor removal products. They mask the odor with perfumes and fragrances. Once the perfume smell is gone, you are back to square one still trying to eliminate the unpleasant smell.

There are many types of malodors. The most common ones are the Organic and Chemicals. Most products were designed to work on one or the other. Not both. ZORBX®, on the other hand, was successfully formulated to eliminate all types of malodors. ZORBX® has been successfully solving malodor problems in hospitals, real estate, travel, and automotive industries.

It is safe to use and spray anywhere. ZORBX® offers you a solution for your problem on hand and protection against any type of malodor you may come across in the future.