Tobacco Smells


Cigarette and cigar smells penetrate furniture, walls, drapery, carpets, and so on.

ZORBX can easily get rid of the stale smoke smell. 

1.) Spray ZORBX daily when smoking inside the home.

2.) New home with lingering smoke smell?

    -Spray ZORBX in rooms, on furniture, use on carpets and floors.

    -Use our paint additive to remove the smell from walls.

 Can even add ZORBX into washing machine!

Remove cigarette and cigar smells instantly with ZORBX® Odor Removers.  We recommend our 16 oz. Unscented Odor Remover. If you are buying or selling a home, or renting an apartment, ZORBX® is the most effective way to get rid of smoke smells without ripping up carpet or throwing out furniture. Also, you can use ZORBX® Surface Odor Remover mixed with any paint or primer to rid any odors that have penetrated deep into walls or floors. ZORBX® 2 oz. Unscented Car Pal is the perfect size to fit in a glove box, and can also be sprayed in your car to keep your car smelling new for longer. It is perfect for unexpected passengers because it works instantly, and much less expensive than detailing a car.

Why is ZORBX® so effective in removing cigarette and cigar odors? Most products on the market today are cover-ups and air fresheners-not useful for removing strong odors. They are not "true" odor removal products. They mask the odor with perfumes and fragrances. Once the perfume smell is gone, you are back to square one still trying to eliminate the unpleasant smell.

There are many types of malodors. The most common ones are the Organic and Chemicals. Most products were designed to work on one or the other. Not both. ZORBX®, on the other hand, was successfully formulated to eliminate all types of malodors. Since 2001, ZORBX® has been successfully solving malodor problems in hospitals, real estate, travel, and automotive industries. It is safe to use and spray anywhere. ZORBX® offers you a solution for your problem on hand and protection against any type of malodor you may come across in the future.