Innovative & Green Solutions!   

In 2001, Debbie Mabrouk, BSN, RN, Owner and Issa Mabrouk, M.I.S founded ZORBX®, Inc. They wanted to provide the safest and most effective solutions to the Health Care Industry odor problems.

Our products are always unique!
We pride ourselves in the quality and performance of our products. Our products performance is second to none. Our brilliant odor removal and cleaning technologies are also second to none. We continue to use the latest and safest technologies available. We get asked a lot if we are the same as "...product" and the answer is always NO. We always create NEW and UNIQUE products, never me too products.

ZORBX is stronger:
It will remove skunk, paint, fuel oil, and gasoline odors!

ZORBX is safer:
Fragrance Free and Biodegradable. Suitable for individuals with allergies & respiratory problems.
It is used and recommended by healthcare professionals in hospitals and nursing homes. Safe to use in your home, around pets, people, and plants. Can be used everywhere!
ZORBX is advanced:
Our patented formulas utilize the most advanced technologies available. We listen to you the customer. We are always improving and enhancing our products performance. That's why we offer you a 100% performance guarantee or your money back no questions asked.

ZORBX has a superior bonding technology:
Our superior and advance bonding technology enables ZORBX to remove allergens and dust which enhances its cleaning and odor removing performance.

Safe to use on:
Clothes You can spray your clothes with it, add it to your Laundry and more.

  • Furniture Safe to spray directly on furniture.
  • Hands Can be used on your hands to remove cooking and other smells from your hands.
  • Hardwood Floors. Can be sprayed directly on Hardwood Floors.
  • Carpets Safe to spray on carpets or you can add it to your carpet steamer.
  • Shoes.
  • All Sports Gear.
  • Pets and Bedding.
  • Trash cans & Diaper pails.
  • and many more. Surprise yourself.

ZORBX = Performance + Trust + Superior Customer Service

Today ZORBX success in the market place is based on excellent customer service, quality products, and the ability to deliver safe and permanent solutions to your cleaning needs.

Beware of imitations
100% satisfaction and performance guaranteed or your money back!

Originally developed for the healthcare industry.
ZORBX products are widely used in Hospitals & Nursing Homes, Automotive Industry, Home Care, Pet Industry, Fishing Industry, and Janitorial and Carpet Cleaning Industry.

Research and Development:
Our R&D department is constantly focusing on improving existing products and introducing new ones. We achieve this by utilizing the safest and most advanced odor control technologies available. Since 2001, we have had many enhancements to our formulations to meet and exceed your expectations. We want to be the number one solution to your odor control problems.

Unscented because everything else stinks.
We are listening. Your suggestions and opinions are taken seriously and acted upon right away when necessary. Tell us how we can improve. Tell us what you like or dislike about us and/or our products. Unlike many other companies we do care about you and the products you buy from us. Just e-mail us or call 800-201-5530 and let us know what you think.

We are not looking nor in the business for a "Quick" sale. Once you are a customer, you are the company. We want you to be a good customer for life.

A few suggestion on how to become a great customer:

  • Complain. If you don't, who will? It takes only a minute, you will feel better, and we will learn and benefit.
  • Praise. This just as important as criticism. It spurs us to reward creative and constructive work.
  • Be articulate. You know what you want, we may not. Be clear and specific about what you want.
  • Demand quick service. There is no excuse for slow service today. Technology allows any company to process orders or problems with 24 hours. Don't believe otherwise.
  • Be quick yourself. If something is wrong, let us know. Don't wait three or four months. After a delay, we will have harder time believing you.
  • Be kind and persistent. When you reach us, know that the voice on the other end is a human being like yourself. Let him or her have the pleasure of helping you. If that doesn't work ask to speak to someone higher.

Enjoy The Sweet Smell of...Nothing!
ZORBX is a highly effective odor absorber. It is designed to control and eliminate undesirable odors. Most other products have added sweet smells to cover up the odor. Not ZORBX. This Perfume-free odor absorber eliminates it. It has been proven that Smell does influence the attitude and well being of people. Bad and Offensive Odors will create uncomfortable situations and problems in our daily lives. Those types of odors can be found in our Cars, Boats, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Basements, Shoes, Garbage Cans, and Laundry Rooms. Other odors can be caused by: Pets, Cigar & Cigarettes, Cat Litter, Gasoline, Smoke, and Chemicals.

We are sure by now you have tried many other odor eliminating products that did not solve your problem. You have wasted lots of time, money, and effort to get rid of unwanted smells. You have doubts about trying another odor remover product. You are not alone. We understand how you feel. Most of our customers had the same feelings before they tried ZORBX. Some even called us to confirm our "100% performance and satisfaction guarantee " return policy.


  • Suitable for individuals with allergies & respiratory problems
  • Highly Effective Odor Remover
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • No Perfumes or Fragrances
  • No Mixing Required, Simply Apply to Desired Area
  • 100% Performance and Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back
  • ZORBX is biodegradable, non-microbicidal, and compatible with most fragrances. It will not release offensive odors even when it dries. Made in the U.S.A.



 Made in Cleveland, Ohio  -  USA Company.