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ZORBX® is the #1 Preferred Product for Hospital Odor Removal

"Working as a nurse for 15 years, I understand the importance and the need of having a product that works instantly on removing odors without affecting the well being of patients and staff. That’s why we developed ZORBX to be safer and suitable for individuals with allergies and respiratory problems. With our advanced and safer formula ZORBX became the favorite odor remover product in many hospitals including the Cleveland Clinic.  I encourage you to give ZORBX a try.  Once you try it, it will become a permanent solution for all odor problems." ~Debbie Mabrouk  RN, BSN, OWNER

ZORBX® Odor Removing patented technology is suitable for individuals with allergies and respiratory issues. We pride ourselves on our health conscious drive to deliver an effective and safe product that works instantly. 

ZORBX® Odor Removing and Cleaning Products is your best choice to remove unwanted odors discreetly and safely so staff, patients, and visitors can have a comfortable and healthy experience. Enjoy The Sweet Smell Of....Nothing.

You do not have to belong to a group or go through a third party to purchase ZORBX®. All Independent, small, or large healthcare systems can save and benefit the same by buying direct from us.

Try it before you buy it. Join the many hospitals and other healthcare facilties that are already using ZORBX®. Fill out the form below for your free samples or call 1-800-201-5530.




A Time-Proven Hospital Odor Control Product. Hospitals, nursing homes, health care clinics, and other facilities have relied on ZORBX® as the guaranteed odor remover for urine, bile, human waste and other body fluids.

It's perfect for use in the health care industry because it is:

• Suitable for individuals with allergies & respiratory problems
• A Highly Effective Hospital Air Freshener
• Instant Results
• Non-toxic
• Free of Harsh Chemicals
• Perfumes and Fragrance Free
• Easy to Use-Simply Apply to Desired Area
• Try This Powerful Hospital Deodorizer Risk Free




Learn how cleaning products affect our respiratory system and the increased risk of asthma and feel the difference with ZORBX® safe odor removing solutions.

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Try it before you buy it. Fill out the form below to receive your free samples. Please place your shipping address in the details section.

Start Enjoying The Sweet Smell of...Nothing. 


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