Water & Mildew Odors


Mildew is a living organism that can grow anywhere it is warm, damp, and humid. The compounds that cause the musty odor is formed when mildew spreads over a food source such as wood, fabrics, leather, etc. Normally these odors are common in damp basements or bathrooms, but it can occur in furniture, carpet, baseboards, washing machines, sinks, disk washers, and in air ducts. Since mildew is a growing organism it is best to find the source and thoroughly clean it. Even cleaning it the smell will still linger, penetrating into walls, flooring and furniture. ZORBX® can eliminate the musty mildew smell for clean appliances, bathrooms, and basements.

Why is ZORBX® so effective in removing musty mildew odors? Most products on the market today are cover-ups and air fresheners-not useful for removing musty odors. They are not "true" odor removal products. They mask the odor with perfumes and fragrances. Once the perfume smell is gone, you are back to square one still trying to eliminate the unpleasant smell.

There are many types of malodors. The most common ones are the Organic and Chemicals. Most products were designed to work on one or the other. Not both. ZORBX®, on the other hand, was successfully formulated to eliminate all types of malodors. In the past two years, ZORBX® has been successfully solving malodor problems in hospitals, real estate, travel, and automotive industries. It is safe to use and spray anywhere. ZORBX® offers you a solution for your problem on hand and protection against any type of malodor you may come across in the future.