What To Expect

ZORBX is different. We understand that you have many other choices you can make when it comes to purchasing odor control and cleaning products. However, when you deal with us you are no longer a customer. You become a friend and a member of the ZORBX family.

We treat all friends with respect and honesty. You will get the same help and support we offer to all friends. When you call us, we answer the phone. If we can not get to the phone, we call you right back. We discuss your situation on a one to one basis. We take the time to listen and offer suggestions and solutions. We are as loyal to all friends as they are to us. Our friendships are more important to us than just selling products.

100% long lasting friendship guaranteed or your money back! You and I know that there is no such thing as a "Perfect Product"; however, we pride ourselves in offering you superior products that meet and exceed you expectations. There are many products on the market today with claims that may or may not be true when it comes to solving your odor problems. I know how confusing it is for all of us.

That's why I am listing below your key benefits when you use ZORBX products.

  • The Sweet Smell of...Nothing! Our unscented products are formulated to be suitable for individuals with allergies & respiratory problems. We believe that people's perfumes are other people's fumes.
  • Safer. We always research and use the current safest methods to formulate our products. That's why our products are widely used in the health care industry.
  • Advanced. We constantly utilize the latest technologies available to improve our products. If you used any of our products in the past, chances are we have added more improvements since then.
  • Replaces many products you use at home. ZORBX can be used in many areas in you home. You no longer need to purchase different odor control products for: pets, shoes, smoke, cooking, bathroom, clothes, carpets, furniture and more. ZORBX is formulated to put you back in control of any odor situation.
  • Save time and money. ZORBX works almost instantly. You will smell the results right away without cover-ups or masking agents. Save money by using ZORBX for your entire odor control needs. In addition, we are working hard on eliminating the shipping charges by having our products available at stores near you. Please visit our where to buy page to find a store near you.
  • We are listening. Do not be surprised if you call us and we answer the phone! As a matter of fact, we encourage you to call us with any questions you may have. You may benefit from our knowledge in solving many odor control problems.
  • We stand behind our products. The last thing we want to do is sell you a product that may not work in your situation. The trust relationship we have established with our customers is priceless. Our customers are the reason for our growth. Therefore, we encourage you to call us with any concerns you may have.