Cat Urine Odors


It can be very costly managing cat urine odors.

ZORBX® has an easier solution that will save you time, money, and plenty of frustration.

1.) Find any areas where cat may have urinated and clean thoroughly

2.) Spray ZORBX onto a rag or towel and rub into affected area

3.) Spray ZORBX in surrounding areas

 Safe to spray directly into the litter box!

Cat urine, spraying, and litter box smells can be incredibly potent odors. These odors can cause discomfort, disposal of household items such as furniture, carpet, drapery, and clothing, and in extreme cases even in illness. Before you consider tearing up your carpet or throwing out clothing and drapery try one of our many products to resolve your stinky situation. ZORBX® Unscented Pet Odor Remover works instantly and is designed to penetrate deep into carpet, furniture, drapery, and clothing to completely remove unwanted odors. ZORBX® Unscented Litter Box Buddy is formulated to work with all cat litter products and remove unwanted litter box odors. A couple sprays will remove any unwanted litter, urine and feces odors. At times the cat litter can have a specific odor that is overwhelming. A few sprays can take care of that also.

Why is ZORBX® so effective in removing cat urine odors? Most products on the market today are cover-ups and air fresheners-not useful for removing cat urine odor. They are not "true" cat odor removal products. They mask the odor with perfumes and fragrances. Once the perfume smell is gone, you are back to square one still trying to eliminate the unpleasant smell. 

There are many types of malodors. The most common ones are the Organic and Chemicals. Most products were designed to work on one or the other. Not both. ZORBX®, on the other hand, was successfully formulated to eliminate all types of malodors. Since 2000, ZORBX® has been successfully solving malodor problems in hospitals, real estate, travel, and automotive industries. It is safe to use and spray anywhere. ZORBX® offers you a solution for your problem on hand and protection against any type of malodor you may come across in the future.