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Surface Odor Remover Paint Additive (2 Jars)

  • Mix with any paint or prime to eliminate surface odors on walls and floors in a single step with ZORBX paint additive surface odor remover

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ZORBX Unscented Surface Odor Remover Paint Additive 2 x (3.5 oz Jar) 

Each jar is good for 1 gallon of paint.

 Turns any paint or primer into an odor remover.

 Extracts, removes, and reduces surface odors by penetrating deep into surfaces.

 Does not seal or block odors, it completely removes them.

Remove Surface Odors With A Single Step

$aves you time & money

  • Simply Mix with Any Paint or Primer
  • Tested Successfully With Major Paint Brands




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  1. It works!

    Posted by John B. on Jun 20th 2016

    Works No more smelly walls.

  2. The Smell Is Gone

    Posted by Sue on May 25th 2016

    We purchased a used motorhome which had been previously smoked in and was awful.
    We removed all carpets, curtains, anything fabric and washed it several times, along with all interior walls and ceilings.
    The smell still would not go away.
    So I purchased the paint additive along with the surface spray. We sprayed every curtain, fabric and anything we could. Then we mixed the additive with paint and had it completely repainted on the inside.
    Now the only smell is the one that comes with an RV that has been closed up for awhile.
    Hugely relieved that this all worked because it was already an expensive investment!

  3. Best product I have found

    Posted by Diane V. - Ohio on Jan 26th 2016

    I always have trouble with the smell of household paint, and can hardly paint anything myself without becoming ill from the smell. I get a migraine headache and became nauseous. Even low VOC paints don't help at all. I have bought special paints, and nothing has prevented me from getting sick. Until now. I bought a 2-gallon bucket of ceiling paint, and and added one 3.5 ounce of Zorbx Odor remover additive for Latex paint. We mixed it in with a simple paint stick, and painted. No smell! I realize it's made for removing the smell from a surface, but it has the added bonus of taking the scent of the paint away. I am sure this was due to the Zorbx, because when we ran out of paint and had to buy another gallon of the same paint, the scent was back. I quickly bought more Zorbx, I will not paint without it again. I love it.

  4. It works!

    Posted by Jon Drake - Solon, Ohio on Jan 26th 2016

    I wanted to send you all a quick e-mail regarding my experience with your new paint additive. I had heard many commercials for your products on the radio, and had never purchased anything until recently. I have a very large one-bedroom apartment, and I have many pets due to work that I do on the board of directors of a special needs animal shelter here in Cleveland. Some of the cats have nervous issues, and as a result, they spray on a few of the walls. I clean a lot, but the smell doesn’t really go away. I decided to re-paint all of the walls and floors, and just finished the walls this past weekend. I used your new paint additive, and the results are incredible. The apartment smells brand new thanks to the additive, and my girlfriend and I couldn’t be happier. Because of how thrilled we are with the results, I will be making another order shortly, so that I can use more of your products to keep our apartment smelling new.

    I am a VERY happy customer, and just wanted to let you all know. I will definitely be a repeat customer many times over, and I have told all of my friends and coworkers about Zorbx, as well.

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