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ZORBX can also be used to repel Japanese Beetle


I was frustrated with the Japanese beetles on my roses. I ran out of my bug repellent and decided to use ZORBX instead. I had no idea if it will work or not. I was amazed once I saw the beetles dropping on the ground and flying away. Then I continued to spray the rest of the roses. Waited till the next day and no beetles came back. I also tried it on other bushed in my garden with the same amazing results. A week later, no Beetles onsite. The roses stayed green and healthy. Wow! Give it a try and see for yourself. I used our ZORBX unscented odor remover. 

Carpet Cleaning to Get Rid of Cigarette Odors that Seriously Work

If you are looking for carpet cleaning to get rid of cigarette odors that seriously work, then try Zorbx. When you add Zorbx to your carpet shampooer before cleaning your carpet, the cigarette odor will be gone. You can do this with your own carpet cleaner, or if you rent a carpet cleaner, add Zorbx [...]

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Dog Odor Remover by Zorbx that Really Works

Zorbx Unscented Pet Odor Remover is a dog odor remover that will remove all of the unpleasant smells that your dog may have. Besides removing doggie odors, it will remove odor from your dog’s coat if he has been sprayed by a skunk. This safe, natural, non-toxic spray removes all odors and does not cover [...]

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Animal Odor Removal is Really Possible with Zorbx

You may have tried many different ways to rid your home of animal odor, but nothing worked because the smells soon returned. Now, there is finally a way to remove them for good with Zorbx. Zorbx animal odor removal can even remove the odor of skunk if your dog gets sprayed on a late night [...]

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We Know How to Remove the Smell of a Gas Spill from Trunk of Car

If you have ever spilled even a small amount of gas in your car trunk when you were transporting a gas can, you know how disgusting and unbearable this smell can be. It’s even worse if more than a few drops spill onto the floor of your trunk. If you want to know how to [...]

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Zorbx is a Hospital Odor Eliminator

Zorbx was created in 2000 as a solution for removing odors in the health care industry. Today, it is used and recommended by healthcare professionals in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. Zorbx is a hospital odor eliminator that is safe to use, yet it is so strong that it can even remove skunk [...]

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The Gasoline Smell in Your Car

Does your car smell like gasoline? It happens to so many cars for so many different reasons. When this happens, you first need to figure out why and how the smell got into your car in the first place and to make sure your car is functioning properly. Once you have done this [...]

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Why Paint Twice! Do It Right The First Time

For most people, painting stinky walls, floors, concrete , baseboards, subfloors, and many other surfaces in one’s house is not a fun experience. It’s not just the manual labor and the blood sweat and tears that goes into a good paint job; it’s the irritating fumes from oil paint and blockers that sting your nostrils [...]

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How to Remove Burnt Food Smells from Ovens and Microwaves

You may be a whiz in the kitchen, but everyone is prone to make mistakes. Maybe you forgot that you were cooking something. Or maybe you simply cooked something too long on accident. Whatever the case may be, the burnt food smell in your microwave and oven sticks around and can ruin your food and [...]

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How to Remove Gasoline Odor From Your Garage

You’re an organized person. You’ve managed to go through life without overloading your garage such that you can still park your car in your garage every day. Good for you! The problem is that for a brief stretch, your car was having issues and began to leak gasoline in your garage. It seems like no [...]

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