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Get Rid of House Odor with Zorbx

Get Rid of House Odor with Zorbx

Mar 5th 2016

If your home has a musty or stale smell, you can get rid of house odor with our Zorbx product. We created Zorbx as a solution to the terrible smells that are in hospitals and nursing homes, and, from that point, we realized that our product would also get rid of other stinky smells. It will rid your home of pet smells, if you use our Pet Products that are safe and will not affect your pet’s sensitive skin. Zorbx Pet Shampoo Plus Odor Control is green and natural, and it even removes skunk smells, so you can use it on your pet.

Since pet odor may not be causing the odor in your house, you may want to use these other Zorbx products:

  • Zorbx Odor Removers for Paint – Add one 3.5 ounce jar to a gallon of latex paint or primer to make the paint into an odor remover. You can remove smells that have absorbed into your walls over the years by painting with Zorbx Odor Remover for Paint
  • Zorbx Unscented 16 ounce spray – Can be applied to any surface in your home. You can spray it on woodwork, window sills, carpeting, furniture, drapes or curtains, and more
  • Zorbx All-Purpose Cleaner with Muscle – 1 Giant Gallon Bottle – Use this cleaner for deep cleaning carpets, floors, large areas, and more.

House Odor is Eliminated with Zorbx

You can also use Zorbx spray cleaner to clean heating vents and other hidden areas where smells can hide. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that your house odor is gone, after you clean with our Zorbx cleaner.