Get Rid of That Stinky Skunk Smell On Your Furry Friends

Get Rid of That Stinky Skunk Smell On Your Furry Friends

Mar 7th 2024

Oh no, my pet just got sprayed by a skunk? What do I do?...

This is a common question we receive. And we have been there ourselves. Nothing is worse than seeing your furry loved one get sprayed or even come in close counter with a skunk. We have developed a formula that will cut through the skunk smell and break down the odor. Even if you have a pet with thick fur, our skunk odor remover spray will work best for you. It is a fast-acting, Eco-Friendly, Non-toxic formula that when applied correctly, will make your furry friends smell fresh and clean!

So how does one go about this you may ask? 

First of all, you can spray Zorbx directly in the air or on surfaces your pet has touched as well (chair, couch etc.). When you pet has been sprayed, try to confine them to a smaller area to reduce the spread of the smell. Make sure you remove any skunk oils residue from your pet first. To do this, we recommend washing your pet immediately with a mixture of Zorbx with any pet shampoo you have on hand. Make sure you lather the mixture in thoroughly and concentrating more on the areas where your pet got skunked. Wait 3-5 minutes before you rinse off the shampoo completely. Depending on how strong and bad the encounter was, you may need to shampoo your pet multiple times. If your pet has short hair and you did not realize they got skunked right away, the skunk oil can and will get into the pet's skin and each time the pet runs or sweats, the smell will come back. It may take a few days and multiple applications to get rid of the smell. 

Our goal is to have your furry loved one feeling fresh and clean so please check out our Skunk odor remover products today!