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How to Remove Burnt Food Smells from Ovens and Microwaves


You may be a whiz in the kitchen, but everyone is prone to make mistakes. Maybe you forgot that you were cooking something. Or maybe you simply cooked something too long on accident. Whatever the case may be, the burnt food smell in your microwave and oven sticks around and can ruin your food and your cooking experiences. That’s where ZORBX odor remover comes to save the day. Simply spray ZORBX inside of the oven, microwave, or cabinet, wait for a little while, and the smell will be completely removed! ZORBX is not a masking agent- it is an odor remover. It will actually get rid of that lingering burnt food smell and allow you to begin cooking without irritating your food or your nostrils. It’s amazing how one simple spray can give you peace of mind in your own kitchen again. And now, you can receive 20% off all online orders with the discount code ‘ZORBX.

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