Why is ZORBX the perfect air freshener / odor remover for any medical facility?

Why is ZORBX the perfect air freshener / odor remover for any medical facility?

Posted by Issa Mabrouk on Dec 2nd 2018

Have you ever been in a medical office,or hospital, or a nursing home that had plug in air freshener, or diffusers, or even a stinky smelly perfumey air freshener that gave you a headache?  I have. It is not a pleasant experience.

What happens if you are an asthmatic person?  how long would you be able to stay at such medical facility before those type of "air fresheners" trigger your asthma attack or give you a migraine headache?  The answer is you will not.  You know how hard it is to deal with those asthma attacks and migraine headaches.  We here at ZORBX believe in prevention.  Peoples perfumes are our customers FUMES.  Whenever, we introduce ZORBX to a medical facility (doctor's office, hospital, nursing home, etc) they immediately understand the value of using ZORBX as an odor remover in their facility.  They appreciate the fact that ZORBX is unscented.  They also realize that ZORBX does not trigger or cause any respiratory and / or asthma attacks.  Also they believe in prevention. Having ZORBX in your facility will help you control any odor problem safely without causing any side effects. if you are a person who is sensitive with scents and perfumes from plug in, aerosol , and diffuser air freshener, ZORBX is the perfect product for you.  ZORBX is used hospitals and healthcare facilities all over the USA.  As a matter of fact, ZORBX is the main odor remover / air freshener product approved and used in one of the largest hospitals in the country.  Next time you visit a healthcare facility that stinks with perfumes and cover ups air freshener, let them know about ZORBX.   Ask them to visit to get their free sample to try.

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