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Why Paint Twice! Do It Right The First Time


For most people, painting stinky walls, floors, concrete , baseboards, subfloors, and many other surfaces in one’s house is not a fun experience. It’s not just the manual labor and the blood sweat and tears that goes into a good paint job; it’s the irritating fumes from oil paint and blockers that sting your nostrils and make you feel sick when the job is done. We may not be able to help with the manual labor part, but we can help take away the smell and save you painting hours. ZORBX Surface odor removing paint additive will eliminate that disgusting surface smell as you paint. Simply mix 3.5 oz. of ZORBX Surface Odor Remover Paint Additive per gallon of latex paint or primer and begin painting! Wait for the paint to dry before evaluating odor removal. Our paint additive converts any latex paint and primer into an odor remover. It reduces and completely removes odors as it penetrates deep into surfaces. Check out all of our odor removal products today. And remember, when you order three or more items, you get free shipping!

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