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Zorbx Surface Odor Remover Paint Additive Turns Your Gallon Of Paint Into An Odor Remover

Zorbx Surface Odor Remover Paint Additive Turns Your Gallon Of Paint Into An Odor Remover

Mar 5th 2016

One of the best ways to remove unwanted, smelly odors from your home or any other area is to paint the walls with paint that has had Zorbx Surface Odor Remover Paint additive mixed into it. At Zorbx, we have developed another solution to remove unwanted smells like these:

  • Oil and gasoline smells on concrete floors
  • Cigarette smoke odor
  • Baseboards that smell like dog urine
  • Fire and water damage
  • Musty basement smell
  • Floors that smell like cats
  • Smelly ceilings
  • Stinky walls

By simply painting your walls, you will not get rid of these bad odors. But when you add Zorbx Surface Odor Remover Paint Additive to a gallon of paint, before painting, you will be rid of these terrible smells for good.

Our New Surface Odor Remoevr Paint Additive is Amazing

Our customers are completely amazed when they use our new Surface Odor Remover paint additive. Even after scrubbing their walls, floors and baseboards, the odor continued to return. Once they used our odor remover additive latex paint and primer, surface odor was finally gone. Zorbx paint additive makes any regular paint or primer an odor remover.

Even if you do not have smelly walls or other surfaces, if you cannot stand the smell of paint, we recommend using Zorbx paint additive. It takes the paint odor out of any latex paint or primer. Even those who once developed nausea and migraine headaches are now able to paint, thanks to our newest addition at Zorbx. It is safe to use and suitable for those with allergies and respiratory problems. Zorbx paint additive is biodegradable, non-microibicidal, and is made in the USA.