ZORBX all natural and nontoxic formula can be used virtually anywhere. Because it is unscented, it allows for a level of discretion in hospitals, hotels, gyms, work, daycares, and veterinary facilities.


ZORBX can be used all around the house. It can eliminate furniture, carpet, and wall odors that have been building up over the years. It is strong enough to remove mildew and musty smells from basements and attics.


ZORBX 2 oz. bottles are perfect to stow in glove compartments. Keep ZORBX in your vehicle to eliminate gasoline or diesel fuel odors, spilled drinks and cigarette smoke.


ZORBX is the professionals' choice for odor removal. ZORBX fragrance free patented formula was created for those with compromised immune systems and breathing issues.


Whether it is for the office, manufacturing, or restoration, ZORBX will eliminate the strongest odors to keep your work area clean.


Make hotel rooms and bathrooms smell clean and unused with ZORBX. It will eliminate cigarette, food, and any other unwanted odors that tend to linger in hotel rooms.


Children tend to have many accidents. Whether it is with food or in the bathroom. ZORBX is strong enough to remove the odors, but safe to use around children.


Anyone who has ever been to a gym knows that sweat is a constant lingering smell in the air and on equipment. Spraying ZORBX daily on your equipment will get rid of the lingering sweat smell.


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