To properly eliminate odors first find the source of the odor and clean it thoroughly. Once the source of the odor has been removed, spray ZORBX directly on the affected areas containing lingering odors and instantly the smell will start to disappear. ZORBX works on contact so it must be put directly on the area of unwanted odors. You can pour ZORBX into a rag or a towel to thorough scour the area for deep penetrating odors. There are over a 101 ways ZORBX will have you breathing easier.


Many household odors are caused by pets. Keep your carpet and furniture newer for longer. ZORBX is strong enough to remove cat urine and skunk smells, but safe for your pets.


Cigarette smoke can penetrate deep into walls, furniture, clothing, and vehicle upholstry. ZORBX eliminates smoke and cigarette smells at the source. Bring new life back to furniture and clothing.


ZORBX will eliminate the built body odor on sports or work uniforms. It can also be used to eliminate mildew odors coming from your washing machine.


Unwanted cooking and food smells, such as salmon, onions, cumin, grease, and garlic can linger through out house. ZORBX will eliminate those odors on contact.


Garbage day maybe not be for a few days, or something stinky from the garbage could be filling the whole room. A few spray of ZORBX and the odor will disappear. This is also great to remove odors from diaper pails.


The smell caused from mildew is potent and uncomfortable. With ZORBX you can easily eliminate mildew odors.


Don't throw out those old shoes or workboots because they stink. Spray throroughly with ZORBX and wear your favorite, comfy shoes with pride.



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