Your Nose Knows

Whether you are dealing with house odor, car odor, pet odor remover, or simply need a smoke odor remover, ZORBX has the perfect odor eliminating solutions for you. Our products come unscented so that you’ll know that the smell you are fighting has been nullified and not simply covered up for the time being. With ZORBX you will have the power of professional odor removal in your own hands.

When we use odor removers and cleaning products, most of us expect to smell something. Companies have trained our brains and noses to anticipate a smell of something when using their products. They also train us to believe that if we smell something sweet or pleasant that means their products are doing what they are supposed to do and we should be happy with the results.

What should you expect when you use ZORBX for the first time? Smell nothing! this is tricky. Since our brains and noses are trained to smell something, some of you may come to the conclusion that ZORBX is not doing what is suppose to. why? because nothing has changed in the area where ZORBX was used. Although ZORBX works almost instantly, you may want to give it a few minutes to find out if it worked or not. Maybe leave the area for few minutes then come back to smell the results. By leaving the area you are retraining your brain and nose to look for the bad smell not any other sweet smell. Others, may notice that the offensive smell is gone right away. In either case, your nose will be the judge. Believe me your nose knows.

Permanent solution! As I mentioned above, ZORBX does not mask or cover-up any odor. It is formulated to eliminate and remove the foul odors permanently. Since the smell can not be seen, it is hard to know where it is coming from. Make sure you apply ZORBX on the entire troubled area. It is safe to used ZORBX everywhere. If it lands on any hard surface just wipe it off with a wet cloth. You can add it to your carpet shampooer. You can spray it on clothes and add it to your laundry. You can use it on shoes, pet bedding, cat litter box, and more...

The same safe formula you are using is being used by professionals in hospitals, nursing homes, animal hospitals, kennels, and day care centers.

Why companies add perfumes to their products? Perfumes are only used as cover-ups and masking agents. They are used to cover-up the actual chemical smell in the product or used to make the area being worked on smell different. There is no way for you to find out if the product did what it suppose to until the perfume smell is gone. In most cases the bad smell comes back. What do we do then? we go out and buy the same product and use it again and again. That's exactly what they want you to do. They do not care if their product solved your problem or not. They do not care if it is green and safe to use. They do not care if the sweet smell bothers you or any member of your family. They just want you to buy their product. In fact, that's why they keep coming up with new smells all the time.

On the other hand, when you use ZORBX you will enjoy the Sweet Smell of...Nothing. Why? because we do not cover-up or mask any smell. Our unscented and perfume free odor eliminators are formulated to work as intended and solve your odor problems. There is nothing to hide. We have pride in our products and the way they work. We stand behind everything we do and provide to you. With ZORBX you will find out within minutes if it solved your odor problem or not. Furthermore, our unscented odor remover products are formulated to be safer and suitable for individuals with allergies & respiratory problems. We believe that people's perfumes are other people's fumes.