Zorbx is an Oder Remover that Does Not Just Cover up Bad Smells

Zorbx is an Oder Remover that Does Not Just Cover up Bad Smells

Mar 5th 2016

Zorbx is a unique odor remover that was created by a Registered Nurse and her husband when they saw a need for a solution to the odor problems in the healthcare industry. Zorbx is non-toxic and biodegradable, so it is safe for those with respiratory problems and allergies, yet it is strong enough to remove the toughest odors like skunk smells. Hospital odors are tough, but Zorbx is tough enough to get rid of unpleasant smells. We know that patients, their families, and other visitors are embarrassed by the odors in the hospital room. Before Zorbx, the only option was to fumigate the room with perfume and cover-up sprays. Most of the time, these only made the smell worse. Some of the advantages of using Zorbx in hospital settings include:

  • Zorbx can be used even in areas where patients have respiratory problems without causing breathing problems
  • Patients with allergies or asthma do not have their condition aggravated by harsh cleaning products when you use Zorbx
  • Zorbx provides immediate results
  • There are no harsh chemicals in Zorbx
  • No perfumes or fragrances
  • We offer discounted prices for one year for healthcare facilities

Zorbx Odor Remover Works Instantly to Remove the Worst Odors

We provide a free sample for healthcare professionals so you can see how well Zorbx odor remover works to remove the smells that are present in a hospital setting. You can fill out the form here on our website for your sample, or call 800-201-5530.